Photo: Three Generations: John Bartholomew, Jr.  (1831-1893) John George Bartholomew  (1860-1920) John "Ian" Bartholomew (1890-1962)


Three Generations

John Bartholomew, Jr.


John George Bartholomew


John "Ian" Bartholomew



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Bartholomew Genealogy
 Last Update: 6 February 2014

This family story begins with Archibald Bartholomew, Merchant and Burgess of Linlithgow, Scotland.  He was born ca.1682 and died ca.1750.  Archibald married Agnes Morrison, daughter of John Morrison, on 24 July 1709.


Linlithgow at the time of Archibald Bartholomew (Theatrum Scotiae, 1693)

Archibald and Agnes had nine known children (five daughters and four sons).  The family tree follows the descendants of their son George Bartholomew, born 10 June 1718, also a merchant in Linlithgow.

This George was grandfather to George Bartholomew (Engraver), born 9 January 1784 from whom the family's engraving and map-making tradition evolved.

The information presented is primarily based on the painstaking work completed by Robert Gordon Bartholomew (b. 1927) in Edinburgh.  Robbie has been a passionate genealogist throughout his lifetime.

This site intentionally preserves the privacy of living individuals, whose personal details have been marked "private".

Serious researchers who wish access to more detailed information should contact John Eric Bartholomew at JohnEBart (at)

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