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Book crest of John George Bartholomew

The book crest of John George Bartholomew




Link to remarkable drawings of mental conditions by William Bartholomew

Remarkable drawings of

 William B of mental conditions.  Click on image.



Online Resources

Much of this website is based on information from the following sources:

Entry in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Note: This is a thoroughly researched source (Online version freely accessible.  For more on The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, see


Link to Bartholomew entry in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

 Link (PDF)


Gazetteer for Scotland (Bartholomew Entries)






The Bartholomew Archive (National Library of Scotland)


Collins Bartholomew Website - News - About Collins Bartholomew



Wikipedia: John Bartholomew and Son

(Webmaster's note: Use with care - some inaccuracies)

Documents to view or download

Obituary of John Bartholomew [PDF] - The Scotsman - April 1893.


John George Bartholomew - Obituary and concurrent R.S.G.S. Council Proceedings

(Scottish Geographical Magazine Vol. 26 III 1920)

Obituary John George Bartholomew (PDF)


John George Bartholomew - the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Session 1920-1921

Obituary John George Bartholomew (PDF)


John George Bartholomew - A Centenary (Scottish Geographical Magazine 1960)

John George Bartholomew (PDF) (Douglas A. Allen, C.B.E.)


John (Ian) Bartholomew - Obituary (Year Book R.S.E., 1961-62)

Obituary John (Ian) Bartholomew (PDF) (Alick Buchanan Smith)


House of Bartholomew (1960) - history with technology focus - author unknown

House of Bartholomew (PDF)


"Bartholomew Day"  (GeogScot - August 1997)

Unveiling of Commemorative Plaque by HRH The Princess Royal 11/7/97)

GeogScot August 1997 (PDF)


Edinburgh Geographical Institute (11/7/97)

Edinburgh Geographical Institute / Bartholomew House Flyer


The Bartholomews and The R.S.G.S. (GeogScot - September 1993)

GeogScot September 1993 (PDF)


"Unlocking the Bartholomew Archive"

(Diane Webster, CAIRT 7/07 - Scottish Maps Forum, NLS)

CAIRT_July 2007_pp3-4 (PDF)


"John George Bartholomew and the naming of Antarctica"

(Susan Woodburn CAIRT 7/08 - Scottish Maps Forum, NLS)

CAIRT_July 2008_pp4-6 (PDF)


A 2-page article about the Bartholomew Archive in the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's magazine "The Geographer" (Winter 2009-10). To download article, click here


To view the RSGS "The Geographer" archive, click here


Research into the extensive number of documents held by the National Library of Scotland has uncovered personal items that show John George Bartholomew in a different light than we are used to. It is seldom commented upon, but he possessed a romantic temperament too…

click here for PDF extract from DISCOVER nls - The magazine of the National Library of Scotland | Issue 12 Summer 2009


Obituaries & Appreciations to John C Bartholomew (2008)

John C. Bartholomew (1923-2008)

Photo: Ivon A G Bartholomew


Webmaster's Note:  Some of the facts published in the newspaper articles below may not be accurate.  Please use this material with care!


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(Newsletter of the Map Curators' Group of The British Cartographic Society)

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The Grange Association - Spring 2008 (Sofia Leonard) - Link ¦ PDF

Edinburgh University - School of GeoSciences - Link

Personal Family Tributes to John C Bartholomew (2008)

John E Bartholomew - PDF

Ivon A G Bartholomew - PDF


Obituaries & Appreciations to Robert G Bartholomew (2017)



Scotsman - 17th May 2017 (Christopher Fleet) - Link ¦ PDF

The Times - 31st January (Staff) - Link ¦ PDF



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