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John Bartholomew & Son: List of Publications

Display of different Bartholomew publications
Selection of Bartholomew publications

1. Atlas Publications

As the firm of Bartholomew did not set up its own printing presses until 1860, any atlas production prior to that date was in the form of engraved copper plates made up in page form and produced to the order of the publisher.

These included:

Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh
Blackie & Son, London, Glasgow, etc.
William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh
Cambridge University Press, London
*Cassell & Company, London & New York
William Collins, Sons & Co, Glasgow
T & A Constable, Edinburgh
A Fullarton & Co., London & Edinburgh
*Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, London
W H Lizars Ltd., London
Macmillan & Co., London
Thomas Nelson & Sons, London & Edinburgh
George Newnes Ltd., London
*Oxford University Press, London
George Philip & Son, London & Liverpool
*The Reader’s Digest Association, London, Sydney etc.
*The Times Publishing Co Ltd., London
John Thomson & Co., Edinburgh
John Walker & Co., London
T Ellwood Zell, Philadelphia

* after 1892

Photo of Times Atlas
The Times Atlas of the World
(1955, Mid-Century edition)

It was not until Thomas Nelson died in 1892 that Bartholomews produced a catalogue listing their many atlases which were then being published by other publishers.

Progressively after this time, atlases were published under the firm’s own imprint. The major publications from both periods are listed below:

1832Atlas of Scotland, engraved by W H Lizars and by George Bartholomew (Thomson)
1836Lizar’s General Atlas of the World, engraved by W H Lizars and by John Bartholomew Snr (Lizars)
1838Blackwood’s County Atlas of Scotland (Blackwood)
1853Atlas of Australia with all the gold regions, engraved by S Hall, J Bartholomew and W Hughes (Black)
1856Black’s General Atlas of the World, and 1860, 1865, 1884 (Black)
1856Black’s Atlas of North America (Black)
1859New Atlas of the World (Nelson)
1860Royal Illustrated Atlas of Modern Geography, engraved by G H Swanston and by John Bartholomew Jnr (Fullarton)
1860Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography (Blackie)
1862Black’s New Atlas of Scotland (Black)
1862Philip’s Imperial Library Atlas (Philip)
1871Descriptive Hand Atlas of the World (Fullarton)
1873Handy Atlas of the Counties of England (Philip)
1874Handy General Atlas of the World, 1875 and 1885 (Philip)
1879Philip’s General Atlas of the World (Philip)
1879Handy General Atlas of America (Philip)
1880Baddeley’s Guide to the English Lake District—the first maps to use layer colouring (Dulau & Co., London)
1880International Atlas & Geography (Collins)
1881Zell’s Descriptive Hand Atlas of the World (Zell)
1882Handy Atlas of the Counties of Scotland (Philip)
1886Pocket Atlas of the World (John Walker); 2nd series of edition to 1901 and 3rd series of editions to 1942 (JB)
1886Colonial Pocket Atlas (Walker) 3 editions to 1891
1887Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles (A & C Black); 2nd edition 1904 (George Newnes and JB); 1913—3 editions to 1943 (JB)
1887Handy Reference Atlas of the World, 9 editions to 1912 (Walker); 1923—7 editions to 1954 (JB)
1887Pocket Atlas of England, 5 editions to 1897 (Walker)
1887Pocket Atlas of Scotland, 3 editions to 1893 (Walker)
1887Pocket Atlas of Ireland (Walker)
1888Pocket Gazetteer of the World (Walker)
1889Atlas of Commercial Geography (Cambridge University Press)
1889Pocket Atlas & Guide to London, 16 editions to 1920 (Walker); 1922—10 editions to 1956 (JB)
1889Pocket Atlas & Guide to Paris, 3 editions to 1898 (Walker)
1890Library Reference Atlas of the World (Macmillan)
1890Royal Atlas & Gazetteer of Australasia (Thos Nelson)
1890Pocket Atlas of Canada, 2 editions to 1897 (Walker)
1890Century Atlas & Gazeteer, 12 editions to 1911 (Walker)
1891Graphic Atlas (Nelson); 1893, 1910 (Walker); 1932—9 editions to 1956 (JB)
1891Popular Hand Atlas of the World (Nelson)
1891English Imperial Atlas of the World (Nelson)
1892Miniature Atlas & Gazeteer (Nelson); 1894 (Walker)
1892Handy Atlas of England & Wales (Black)
1893New Hand Atlas of India (Arch Constable)
1893Atlas Guide to Europe (Philip)
1895Survey Atlas of Scotland, 2nd edition 1912
1897Melrose and Abbotsford Pocket Guide, 4 editions to 1924
1898Citizen’s Atlas (Newnes) and 1901; 1912—8 editions to 1952 (JB)
1899Atlas of Meteorology
1899Royal Atlas of England & Wales (Newnes)
1903Pocket Atlas of the British Isles (Newnes) and 1906; 1918—13 editions to 1958 (JB)
1904Survey Atlas of England & Wales, 2nd edition 1912
1904Handy Atlas of the British Empire (Newnes)
1906Ideal Atlas of the World, 3 editions to 1912 (Walker)
1906Climatological Atlas of India
1907Handy Reference Atlas of London (Walker); 1913 to 1917; 1921—10 editions to 1968 (JB)
1907Atlas of the World’s Commerce (Newnes)
1908Imperial Gazetteer Atlas of India, and 1931 (Oxford University Press)
1909Cassell’s Atlas of the World (Cassell)
1911Atlas of Zoogeography
1914International Reference Atlas (Newnes)
1915Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land (Hodder & Stoughton)
1922Pocket Atlas and Guide to Glasgow (John Smith, Glasgow)
1922Times Survey Atlas of the World (Times)
1923Birmingham Pocket Atlas, 9 editions to 1923
1924Universal Hand Atlas (Nelson)
1927Manchester Pocket Atlas
1928Liverpool & Birkenhead Pocket Atlas, and 1949
1934Newnes Modern World Atlas (Newnes)
1935The Times Handy Atlas (Times)
1943Compact Atlas of the World, 4 editions to 1957
1943Road Atlas of Great Britain, 22 editions to 1970
1948Regional Atlas of the World
1950Edinburgh Atlas Guide, 6 editions to 1974
1953Columbus Atlas of the World
1954Edinburgh World Atlas, 10 editions to 1975
1955The Times Atlas of the World (Mid-Century edition), in 5 volumes (Times) pub. 1955-60
1958Roadmaster Atlas of Great Britain, 5 editions to 1971
1961Reader’s Digest Great World Atlas, British edition and subsequent special language editions for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA (Reader’s Digest)
1967The Times Atlas of the World (Comprehensive Edition); 5 editions to 1975 (Times); also German editions 1972, 1974 and 1976
1969The Times Moon Atlas (Times)
1970Road Atlas Britain, 7 editions to 1976
1970Road Atlas Europe, 4 editions to 1974
1972The Times Concise Atlas of the World; 5 editions to 1975; also Dutch editions 1973 and 1975; and German edition 1976 (Times)
1973Town Plan Atlas
1973Motorway Atlas, 2 editions to 1975
1974The Times Atlas of China (Times)
1974Atlas of Europe (published jointly with Frederick Warne)

2. Map Publications

A Bartholomew
Tourist map cover

As with atlas publications, maps were initially produced for other publishers and A & C Black, who were neighbours in North Bridge, Edinburgh, were the main outlet for Bartholomew productions up to 1884, when John Walker & Co of London and W H Smith (particularly through their railway bookstalls) jointly took over the publication and distribution.

Gradually during the 1890’s the firm published an increasing number of new maps under its own name. The following list is a selection of the more important titles:

1826Lothian’s Plan of the Town of Leith. Engraved by George Bartholomew
1826Directory Plan of Edinburgh. Engraved by John Bartholomew Snr
1834-45Blackwood’s County Maps for the Second Statistical Account of Scotland
1846Plan of Edinburgh engraved on steel by John Bartholomew Snr. for W. & H. Lizars
1862Black’s Large Tourist Map of Scotland in 12 sheets, 4 miles to the inch
1865Directory Plan of Glasgow, 6 inches to the mile
1866Black’s New Large Map of England & Wales
1868Directory Plan of Edinburgh, 6 inches to the mile
1868London & Environs. 4 miles to the inch. Political (1911 Physical)
1871Directory Plan of Greenock, 6 inches to the mile
1871London Plan, 34 inches to the mile (1907 enlarged area in 4 sheets)
1871Aldershot & Environs, 4 miles to the inch (1881 2 miles to the inch)
1873General Railway Map of the British Isles
1874Directory Plan of Dundee, 6 inches to the mile
1875-86Reduced Ordnance Survey Maps of Scotland in 30 ‘District’ sheets— 2 miles to the inch
1876Tourist Map of Scotland, 10 miles to the inch. Political (1909 Physical)
1877Yorkshire, 4 miles to the inch
1877London Environs, 1 inch to the mile. Physical
1881Commercial and Library Chart of the World (Philip)
1883Directory Plan of Paisley, 6 inches to the mile
1888-96Chambers’ Encyclopaedia Maps (Lippincott of Philadelphia)
1889Pocket Plan of Edinburgh, 34 inches to the mile
1890Pocket Plan of Glasgow, 5 inches to the mile
1890Political Map of Africa, 1:12 mil. (1949—1:10 mil. Physical)
1890Reduced Ordnance Survey Maps of Scotland—new series in 29 sheets, 2 miles to the inch
1890Pentland Hills Map, 14 inches to the mile
1891Reduced Survey Map of India, I :4 mil. (Thacker & Co.)
1891Touring Map of Central Europe 1:2 mil. Political (1914—Physical)
1891Map of British South Africa, 1:5.6 mil.
1891Large Plan of Edinburgh in 12 sheets. 15 inches to the mile. Sheet 8(1885)
1891Reduced Ordnance Map of the British Isles, 10 miles to the inch (Philip)
1892Geological Map of Scotland. 10 miles to the inch
1892Statesman Yearbook Maps (Macmillan)
1893Naturalist’s Map of Scotland, 10 miles to the inch
1893Lake District, 3 miles to the inch. Physical (1913 1 inch to the mile made up from 1881 Windermere and 1883 Keswick)
1894Distillery Map of Scotland (Chas Mackinlay)
1894Map of South America, 1:12 mil. (1900—1:10 mil.)
1895Australia—Commercial Map, 1:6 mil.
1896World Route Chart
1896-04Quarter-inch Map of Ireland in 7 sheets (1949, rearranged in 5 sheets)
1897Quarter-inch Map of England & Wales in 12 sheets
1897-03Half-inch Map of England and Wales in 37 sheets
1898Geological Map of England & Wales. 10 miles to the inch
1898South Africa, 1:24 mil. Physical
1900Quarter-inch Map of Palestine Physical
1901-07Maps for Murray’s Bathymetrical Survey of Scottish Freshwater Lochs
1905Europe and the Mediterranean, 1:5 mil. Political
1906Geological Map of Ireland. 10 miles to the inch
1907British Isles. Contoured Motoring Map, 1:1 mil.
1907Botanical Survey of Scotland
1917India, 1:4 mil. Physical
1922Australia, South Eastern, 1:24 mil. Physical
1922Spain and Portugal, 25 miles to the inch, Physical (1969, 1:14 mil, hill shading)
1922Middle East 1:4 mil. Physical
1922North America, 1:10 mil. Political (1957 Physical)
1922Malaya and Indo-China, 1:4 mil. Physical
1923Pocket Plan of Glasgow, 24 inches to the mile
1923Japan, 1:3 mil. Physical (1963 1 :24 mil)
1925England and Wales Touring, 12 miles to the inch. Physical
1926Germany, Holland and Belgium, 1:1 mil. Physical
1927Scotland Touring. 12 miles to the inch. Physical
1928Western Europe, 1:3 mil. Physical
1929London & Home Counties AA Duplex Throughway Map. (‘To & Through’ series 1971)
1929(1932 Birmingham; 1956 Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds & Sheffield; 1973 Edinburgh & Glasgow, 1976 Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Southampton)
192933 Quarter-inch AA Map of Great Britain in 23 sheets
1930Ireland Touring, 12 miles to the inch. Physical
1933Pictorial Fisherman’s Maps of Tay, Tweed, Dee and Spey
1933Eastern Europe, 1:3 mil. Physical
1937The Royal River, an illustrated map of the Thames
1937Half-inch Scotland. New lay-out in 25 sheets, renumbered with a view to combining with England & Wales to form one series
1938Children’s Historical Map of London (1939 England; 1946 Scotland;
1940United Nations; 1962 Ireland; 1966 Wales; 1969 London)
1941Scandinavia, 1:3 mil. Physical
1942Far East and Western Pacific, 1:10 mil. Physical
1942Burma, Malaya & Indo-China, 1:4 mil. Physical
1942China & Japan, 1:6 mil. Physical
1942Iceland, 1:750 000. Physical
1942Russia in Europe, 1:44 mil. Physical
1955Half-inch Great Britain Series in 62 sheets, numbering from South to North
1955RAC Motoring Map of Great Britain in 8 sheets, 6 miles to the inch (1969 renamed Tourmaster Series)
1960Scotland of Old (Clan Map)
1963London, Westminster to the City. 9 inches to the mile (renamed London Central Pocket Map)
1963Central Europe, 1:14 mil. Hill-shading
1963Eurasia, 1:15 mil. Physical
1964Asia, South-East, 1:5.8 mil
1967Early Map Reproductions taken from Blaeu’s Atlas Major
1968Israel, 1:350 000. Physical
1970Grand Touring (GT) Series in 10 sheets, 4 miles to the inch
1971The Mapping of Scotland—facsimile reproductions of early maps to the 19th century, prepared for the IVth International Conference on the History of Cartography, Edinburgh 1971
1972The Times World Wall Map
1972Edinburgh City Plan, 1:15000 1973 The World, 1:30 mil. Political
1973Tourist Route Series of Great Britain in 3 sheets, 9 miles to the inch
1973The World, 1:30 mil. Political
1974Motorway Map of the British Isles, 1:14 mil.
1974West Indies & the Caribbean, 1:34 mil.
1974Counties, Regions & Districts of the British Isles, 1:14 mil.
1975National Map Series in 62 sheets, 1:100 000 (based on the half-inch series)
1976Everyone's London Plan, 1 .15 000

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