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FAMILY PROFILE: BARTHOLOMEW: From Linlithgow to Edinburgh

Who is the Bartholomew family?

Part 1: The family of John George Bartholomew

John George Bartholomew the academic and the family man
John George Bartholomew: An academic and a family man: Left: John George Bartholomew in a portrait from 1909 by E.A.Walton RSA in the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. Right: Colourised photo of John George on a family holiday in Drumnadrochet in 1905.

Three Bartholomew Generations
Three Bartholomew generations:
John Junior (b.1831), John George (b.1860)
and Ian (b.1890)

Undoubtedly it is John George BARTHOLOMEW, son of John BARTHOLOMEW Junior who leaves us with the richest legacy in the current Bartholomew family. He was born in 1860. Besides his map and atlas publishing acheivements and his role in helping establish the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, he is remembered fondly by the family as the first to put the name 'Antarctica' on the map. He died in 1920 in Sintra, Portugal where he is buried.

John George BARTHOLOMEW married Janet ('Jennie') MACDONALD in 1889. They had five children: John ('Ian'), Elizabeth Coghill ('Betty'), George 'Hugh' Freeland, Louis St. Clair ('Bay') and Margaret ('Maisie'). Tragedy came to the family when Hugh was killed in action on the Somme in 1916 at the age of 21. Bay never married so the Bartholomews descended today from John George are all part of Ian's family.

Family of John George and Jennie Bartholomew
John George and Jenni's Family
on the steps of Falcon Hall
L-R: Bay, Ian, Betty, Jannie, Maisie, Ian, Hugh

Ian married Marie Antoinette ('Minou') SAROLEA, daughter of a Belgian doctor, was sent to Edinburgh during the First World War. Ian dedicated his life to the family firm and the activities of the Royal Geographical Society.

Betty married Americian theologian Henry Pitney VAN DUSEN and settled in New York City. Pitney was President of the Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan, New York and was very active on the World Council of Churches. Betty was a keen artist all her life and leaves us with a rich legacy of drawings, pastels, water-colours and oil paintings.

Bay was an insatiable world explorer who never married and never seemed to have a serious career. He spent much time in Africa and Asia before retiring Edinburgh. He was a keen mountaineer and leaves us with a wonderful collection of photographs.

Maisie married Philip Francis HAMILTON GRIERSON. Following active service in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and Palestine he was with the civil Sudan. He was high court judge in the Sudan and in the early 1930's was Advocate-General of the Sudan. On his return to Scotland, Phil became Sheriff Substitute of Inverness, Elgin and Nairn in 1936.