Alexander Sinclair Macdonald, son of Robert and father of Jennie Macdonald.



 Janet (Jennie) Macdonald,

 who married John George Bartholomew in 1889

The Macdonalds of Sutherland Genealogy
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10 October 2010


Painting of Mudale Farm, Sutherland by Jennie Macdonald,

 where she was spent part of her childhood

This genealogy traces the descendants of Robert Macdonald, a farmer in Sutherland, Scotland.  Little is known about him. 

Robert was grandfather to Jennie Macdonald, born 16 June 1858 in Farr, Sutherland and died 24 August 1936 in Edinburgh.

Jennie married John George Bartholomew (1860-1920) of the famous Edinburgh Map-making family.

As a result of that marriage, a close family bond has been sealed between the Bartholomew and Macdonald families  to this day, especially with the Macdonald lines now living in the United States. John George's descendents associate themselves closely to the Macdonald clan traditions and have adopted the Macdonald tartan with pride.

The information presented is primarily based on the painstaking work completed by Robert Gordon Bartholomew (b. 1927) in Edinburgh.  Robbie has been a passionate genealogist throughout his lifetime.

This site intentionally preserves the privacy of living individuals, whose personal details have been marked "private".

Serious researchers who wish access to more detailed information should contact John Eric Bartholomew at JohnEBart (at)

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